Introduction of institute of technology

of technology will approach customers with the perfect platform that can contribute
to the global logistics industry.

Starting from the technology development team of KOREA TRAILER in 1997, the institute of technology of KOREA TRAILER, which received the approval of Korea Industrial Technology Association in 2009, is making every effort to develop technologies in the field of trailer/chassis.

With technical engineer experienced, we are focusing on research and development that can lead the global market, concentrating on maximizing the safety and efficiency of trailer/chassis. In addition, it currently has patents and design registrations on special vehicles and is doing its best to continuously develop innovative technology.

In cooperation with leading foreign parts manufacturers, high technology is applied to vehicles for the safety of vehicle’s intensity, drive, and brake. Moreover, we will try to meet customers' expectations by developing the convenience of cargo loading and designs that can move customers’ minds.

Until the day KOREA TRAILER become the world's best in the future, The Institute will do its best to fulfill its role.