Summary of company


We specialize in producing the best trailers and chassis in Korea.

Korea Trailer, a professional manufacturer that produces only the trailer and chassis, has developed and supplied various models since its foundation.

Since the company’s establishment in 1997, we have possessed numerous patented technologies and standardized our production system through ISO 9001 certification.

We have gained the highest reputation in the field of special vehicles by manufacturing/selling various trailer/chassis such as a trailer for transporting hydrogen, low bed trailer, dump chassis, extendable flatbed trailer, container chassis and flatbed trailer as well as many kinds of bulk trailer. Thus, our company is currently leading the domestic trailer/chassis market.

This reputation continues not only in Korea but also abroad. Therefore, Korea Trailer has exported its products to many countries around the world, including Europe, Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Currently, In Onsan National Industrial Complex in Ulsan, we are operating a 31,000m2 manufacturing plant, Incheon/Busan branch, repair shop in Busan and cooperative maintenance plant all over the country. In addition, AUTOMATIC SHOP BLASTING and DRY OVEN system optimized allow you to experience differentiated products as well as improvement of the paint quality.

KOREA TRAILER, the company will continue to grow into a specialized company that produces only the best products.